Getting started with iPhone development

// May 6th, 2010 // iPhone Development

So I’m finally getting serious about learning how to build iPhone apps. I’ve looked it over in the past and have created a few Hello World apps to get my feet wet, but I’m finally getting into the meat and potatoes with some real programming.

I’m a visual learner, but most iPhone dev info on the internet is forum posts or text tutorials. I’ve been considering hiring a developer to walk me through the whole process as he creates a more complex app, but I finally found a good video tutorials site, It’s only $10 a month. The videos aren’t groundbreaking, and I’ve watched almost all of them in 2 days, but they are covering enough material to get me up to speed to the point where I can pick the rest up through documentation and forums. Not bad for $10.

The other resource that’s been great is this quick tutorial on Objective C. All the weird syntax in iPhone app code is actually making sense now.

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  1. Ben says:

    Great to hear that you’re on the iPhone scene!

    Check out Three20 (, a library created by the Face developers. It does a lot of the heavy lifting and provides some better animation (once you work out the kinks).

    Happy iPhoning!

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