Just sold my Vanagon

// May 9th, 2010 // Real Life

Well it was fun while it lasted. I’ve only had her for about 4 months but already drove over 6,000 miles and visitied 6 different states. I’ve decided I need something newer, and I actually don’t need the big camping setup. I guess I’m looking for a newer Vanagon (not a Westfalia this time) or a truck, not really sure yet.

Goodbye Chug.

1982 Diesel Westfalia Vanagon

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  1. J. W. Ayers says:

    I have two (2) vanagons. One, an 85 , 1.9 Ltr, standard, New top end (s) with new heads , etc. Only 5,000 on engine. Chassis is clean Cali with 1controlled rust spot.
    Second is an 86 GL, auto shift, 2.1 ltr low time rebuild. Has several smaller rust spots around lower panel area. less than 60K on this rebuild. I am located in N.W. Ohio (Toledo) and have no agenda so available most all of the time.

  2. J. W. Ayers says:

    An addendum to the ’85. It has large sun roof. Great for beach, camping, or, “whatever”.

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