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Fishing Reports system finished

// May 19th, 2010 // 2 Comments » // Web Development

After quite a bit of work, my Fishing Reports system is finally live on The reports are based around a Locations system, where each Location can be linked to reports, catches, users, groups and clubs (planned), nearby locations and more. Anglers can also sign up for free text message or email notifications sent out [...]

Just sold my Vanagon

// May 9th, 2010 // 2 Comments » // Real Life

Well it was fun while it lasted. I’ve only had her for about 4 months but already drove over 6,000 miles and visitied 6 different states. I’ve decided I need something newer, and I actually don’t need the big camping setup. I guess I’m looking for a newer Vanagon (not a Westfalia this time) or [...]

Getting started with iPhone development

// May 6th, 2010 // 2 Comments » // iPhone Development

So I’m finally getting serious about learning how to build iPhone apps. I’ve looked it over in the past and have created a few Hello World apps to get my feet wet, but I’m finally getting into the meat and potatoes with some real programming. I’m a visual learner, but most iPhone dev info on [...]

An old animation project

// April 29th, 2010 // No Comments » // Creative

Thought I’d post this. It was fun to do, but a heck of a lot of work. Even though it’s short, drawing all these frames by hand was a big task. Much respect to real animators for their talent and patience. Funny hand-drawn robot animation

The new blog is up!

// April 29th, 2010 // 1 Comment » // Uncategorized

Well the new blog is up! This should be a great way to get to know me, at least through my projects and other online/web development stuff. My personal blog site used to be, which was a Joomla website. I used to just blog about my crazy dreams I’d have every night, not too [...]

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